Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Lots of progress this month. First milestone was to pass my Ski Patrol (Outdoor Emergency Care Certification) class. I passed with a 96, although walking into the test I still was not sure I'd get the required 75.. It was tough stuff. Now there is still lots of hours ahead for on the hill training, but no stress there. I feel a great sense of relief having passed that.

Mike and I spent last weekend in Denver, driving Saturday, visiting Monica and Dave (my sister & Husband) for the afternoon and evening. Then Sunday Morning we went to see our alpaca at the ranch we bought her from. We spent the rest of the day "in training" at that ranch before driving home that evening. We trimmed some nails, gave some shots, bred our alpaca (unfortunately she is still not pregnant.), and picked up lots of other helpful alpaca tips. On the alpaca front, things are progressing a bit slower than we would like due to transportation and apparent difficulties getting pregnant. After trying to buy three pregnant females it seems none of them are confirmed pregnant at this time. They are all still at their original farms. The Georgia one turned out not to be pregnant and so is there being bred. The Missouri one is still trying to get to New Mexico to be bred (after losing her baby last month) and the Denver one is just being slow getting pregnant... Oh well, practicing patience.

I spent a quick week in Albuquerque with the girls but due to Ski Patrol constraints there was no associated weekend. December will be almost as bad but I do get in 1 weekend. I find myself scrambling to get in the agreed upon days in my parenting plan with Kelsey & Sara, guess the summer was shorter than I thought. Anyway, I'll plan better next year. On the upside I am in Albuquerque in November and in Dec, and the girls come to Wyoming in November and December, so we get lots of time together.

During my week in Albuquerque I turned 43 and got glasses, which was a surprise. I thought it would be the typical trouble seeing close that people develop, but it turned out to be a problem with distance, that then made my eyes more tired adjusting to close vision. Still not sure if I understand or believe that I need them, but they do help.

Mike's workload has been steadily increasing and he is busy full time for the next month or so, which is great. He has gotten one job caretaking a house in Jackson, which means paid to drive by once a month and flush toilets and look for maintenance issues and then he will be paid to fix what he finds. This is big business in Jackson where such a large percentage of the houses are occupied only a few weeks a year. He was thrilled at this contract and hopes to get a few more.

Mike did expand the horse shelter at our house and we loaded up on hay for the winter. We still have some fencing and a bit more shelter work to do before the Alpaca come. We had hoped to pour concrete for our garage, but can't get any concrete (perhaps ya'll are aware of the concrete shortage in the country). Now that the snow is on the ground we may have to abandon the project until the spring.

I did tell the waitress at Dinner on Sunday that I had broken my fingernail while trimming the toenails of an alpaca.. she said she thought nobody had ever said that to her before (and probably wouldn't ever again)... Imagine!