Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Holidays

Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays!

My sister Nancy and family came for Thanksgiving and the kids all had a great time out in the snow riding horses, etc. It was even warm enough to put up the trampoline.

Immediately following, I went for my week in Albuquerque. Coincidentally Nancy was in town too for a house hunting trip, since they have plans to move there this month. And my sister, Monica, made it down for a night to join in on the mini-reunion! Incidentally while I was in Albuquerque, Mike was having a week of all out blizzards in Wyoming.. Snow 24" high. (He says "Why bother to build fences, the alpaca will be able to walk right over!")

And then the week of the 19th the girls come back up to Wyoming for 2 weeks for Christmas. We are hoping Mike's son, Dan, will join us for one of those weeks. And just today I heard Josh and Jed might come as well. But other than that we intend to stay home and relax through the holidays! Hope you can do the same.