Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Las Vegas

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Well, the Big new of the week is we have a contract on the new property in Colorado. The sellershave pick their new place in OK and want to close by March 12. Then it looks like we will be moving May 1, between two shows and a baby due! Everything is falling into place.

So my girls and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate! OK.. we had the plans before the house deal happened, but it all helped the celebratory mood anyway!

Kelsey and Sara had never been to Vegas before, and when the newest Cirque du Soleil called "Love" featuring music from the Beatles, opened this summer and Kelsey announced that "someday she would see it and I would go with her" I figured it was high time! So we waited for a good deal on airfares and went.

In the meantime my college buddy, Amy Poore, and her daughter, Anastasia, decided to join us from Los Angeles. Amy's sister lives in Vegas and joined us some as well. So it was definately a girls weekend!

We went non-stop from Friday evening to Sunday noon, in the city that never sleeps. So non-stop that I came home with a cold! Spent most of our time on the strip and the show was fabulous! I'm sure it was a memory we will cherish!