Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Holidays 2010

With the holidays in Full Bloom we are happy to be down to 39 alpacas.  Suddenly chores are done in no time at all and it almost seems a shame to call them "chores"  they should be "delights"  ;-)  Of course "I" can say that, because I am not the one to do them regularly.  Mike does have that burden, and in the cool mornings and dark evenings I am very thankful for that too.

Speaking of thankful, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home.  We were planning to go to Salt Lake and visit Mikes family for the holiday, or as a secondary plan had been invited to a friend's house, but with all of our travels and goings lately, Mike and I looked at each other on the Thursday before Thanksgiving and said, "Gee wouldn't it be nice to stay home".  I thought there is no way we would not be spending the day alone at that late date, but started calling anyway, and low and behold found a bunch of people with no plans and we ended up with 14 at the table.  Wonderful!!

Since I have been home (1 month now), most of my time has been dedicated to the launch of a new product.  It is a legacy book, to track all your data from your life, bank accounts, insurance policies, monthly payments, family recipes, collections, etc.  The name is My Life's Info, and there is a spiral bound version and a database version.  It is a product that everyone needs.  Join our fanpage (mylifesinfo) on facebook or visit the website for more information.

Also since it is the holiday season, Send Out Cards has been picking up hot and furious!  I've also started a blog to support my team on that, since the team is growing and I want to assure that I can provide support to my downline.  (That blog is at and a fanpage on facebook called SendaRealCardFans).  If you have not decided to send cards the cheap and easy way (by becoming a customer or distributor of ours) keep in mind you can send an occasional Greeting card without any membership, at for $2.99 (which includes postage AND a custom photo), so a MUCH better deal than going to the grocery store.  I'd also love to introduce you to the complete system by helping you send out your Christmas Cards.. Believe me it will change the way you communicate!

OK, well enough on all that.. That is just where our head has been buried lately.  Can't breathe... and LOVING it!  We are also thankful to be spending Christmas at home.  The house is all decorated, and we are just waiting for Santa.  Kelsey and Sara are coming up for a week before Christmas and my parents are coming up for Christmas day.  Then they will go up to my sister, Monica's house for a few days and we may go with them for a day or two there.  But in general, we are staying close to home!  Yeah!