Friday, June 16, 2006

Cracker Jack Comes Home

Cracker Jack finally made it to our ranch, after another eventful transporter experience where the transporter's truck broke down in Gunnison, CO. We also got the panels we ordered this week, a month after promised (just like Jack) so we can now put the alpacas out to graze during the day. They do love that. I tell you the alpaca transport business is HOT if ya'll are looking for a career change. But with the gas prices there are even fewer transporters. This guy we used is one of the few left and the demand is so high, and he can't seem to keep his truck functional.. and never returns a phone call. I keep running into people who I have to think, "Gosh if I'd just respond to my customers, I could do BETTER in business than these people." And the people I think this about and doing pretty well in the alpaca business! So, this makes 4 animals at the ranch (Two pregnant females, one potential herdsire, and one gelding), one in Denver for breeding and one in VA, taking care of her baby. It will still be 4 months or so before those two come home, depending on transporter availability!

Anyhow, after seeing Jack for the first time we were all suprised because he is TINY, especially next to Ko-Chise who seems to be on the extra large side. Of course it's hard to judge since the boys are sheared and the girls are not. At any rate, he is one of the sweetest, friendliest, easiest handlers we have met. We are thrilled with him.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Horse Camp and Denver

The girls (human kind) came to our house for the summer last week. Sara spent her first week in Wyoming at Horse Camp. Kelsey did get up with her to ride the horses with her over in the morning and back in the evening from camp. The event kept both of them busy for the week. Sara got some good refresher and while she was nervous about the horse shifting weight on Monday, she cantered on Friday. Monday coming home the horse took off with her and shook her up pretty good, but they worked on that on Tuesday and all issues with that were over by Friday as well.

Sara & Kaitlin (the horse camp leaders daughter)

Currently the girls and I are on our way home from Denver where we took our alpaca in for a follow-up to her surgery last month and cast removal. Although her toe is healing very nicely (good calcification at the joint, and even the floating chip had moved back toward the correct placement), for some reason they decided they needed to knock her out for the cast removal, which meant fasting, which meant she had to stay the night. This turned out to be OK since I had arranged a day of work for Washington Group in Denver and Kelsey and Sara got to hang out at my sister, Monica's, doggy day care Kennel all day. Crescendo got the cast off and a splint on and is back at the ranch she has been staying at to breed soon.

We also took the opportunity while in Denver to visit Monica and David and look at some properties to buy. Didn't see anything too exciting but got some food for thought. Kind of a new experience. As I type this, Kelsey is driving us home!