Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Juice Fasting

Early in the year (January I think) we watched a documentary called "Simply Raw" about a study of 6 people with diabetes (one or two type I the rest type II) who they put on a raw diet for 30 days.  It effectively eliminated their diabetes (I don't have any information about the follow so don't ask ;-).  I do believe, from our past personal experience and from our studies, that if you give the body what it need it can do miraculous things.  The body wants to be healthy, only trouble is... what is it the body wants?  A lot of fruits and vegetables in the raw form sounds like a good answer to me...  I also think a good cleanse ever year or so is a good idea for the body.  I decided this summer to try to eat raw for 30 days.  So summer has nearly come and gone.. trouble is.  I don't really know how to go about eating raw.  I don't want to bore myself with salads continually (and I don't think salad dressing is raw anyway) and how do you get the protein etc.

Last month we saw another documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".  It is downloadable at Netflix, and very interesting.  It's about a guy from Australia who had Urticarial vasculitis, a form of hives that attacks you a few times a week for no apparent reason, very painful, and incurable.  His only recourse is to take massive amounts of steroids, which of course are killing him in other ways.  So he went on a 60 day juice fast, flew to America, drove coast to coast meeting people and telling his story.  He is now 80 pounds lighter, living a raw lifestyle and completely off the steroids and no more urticaria.  I decided this would be a good cleanse for my body and meet the goal of 30 days raw, so last Monday I started a juice fast.

My neighbors lent us a juicer, and then actually we got one in an alpaca sale, so suddenly we have two champion juicers at our disposal.  We would like to purchase a Breville, but we can decide that at a later date.  My Sister, Nancy, actually discovered the movie, and has started juicing also juicing on Friday.  She bought the Breville so Ill have a chance to try hers.  Of course with our crazy schedule, it was tough to find 30 days that I could juice in the middle of conventions, cruises, work travel etc.  But we're going for it.  So far so good at day 8.  I haven't gotten too hungry.  The goal is not to get hungry at all, just drink more if you need to.  You are giving your digestive system a break by juicing and yet you still have all the calories and nutrition you need because you are eating a huge pile of veggies and fruit.

Here is what I eat in one day.

Next step is to cut it up :

And finally, 8 cups of juice should last me the day.  Bon Appetit!