Friday, September 17, 2010

Can't wait for Summer!

So a friend of mine pointed out that I haven't been blogging much.  Last April was my last post.  But hey, maybe when summer gets here I'll put up a new post.  What!  You say summer has come and gone!!!!  Ah yes, as I look at the calendar, only a few more days.  Unbelieveable.  I told another friend yesterday that I am still struggling with whether it's 2009, or 2010... then panic hits and I wonder if it's 2011.  She says she does the same thing.  Is it our age?  Does life keep getting faster and fast until there is no tracking of time anymore?  Or is it our lifestyle ***!  Even on the ranch, trying to slow down and enjoy life, we can't get enough time.  We did turn off our TV in June.  And cut the Netflix down to one at a time.  Guess I could shut off my internet access (heaven forbid), quit using electricity altogether.  Return to the simpler life.  (Yeah right, like not using my dishwasher, or washing machine would give me more time!).

Anyhow, I digress. I should give you the highlights of the summer and move on.. So that I respect your time crunch as well!
  • 13 babies on the ranch this year - 10 of them female (ye-haw)! 
  • Made some significant sales, in fact am taking 12 alpacas East next month to deliver to new owners (double ye-haw!).  Looking forward to that road trip with my Mom through Indiana, and South Carolina, then visiting my Aunt and Uncle in North Carolina, and home with a stop to visit folks in Dallas.  Should be a great trip. (Mike's looking forward to staying home, and not feeding babies every three hours (more on that later))
  • Started Millionaire Mind training (Book by T. Harv Eker) in June.  Followed up the 3 day Millionaire Mind Intensive in Denver, with a 4 day Extreme Health Seminar in Los Angeles..  And in August went to New Jersey for the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp, where we learned about making money through the online Internet Business model.
  • While in LA the Mom of a 3 week old alpaca baby died, and another new baby was born.  Because of all the confusion oven the death, the new baby didn't get the attention she needed and ended up not bonding to her mother.  So we can home to 2 bottle babies!  Over the course of our Alpaca Career and 50 babies, these are the first two that have needed supplemental feeding.  So every 4 hours we are out at the barn... all summer long.  This has prevented much activity that takes us away from home... Even a trip to Costco can barely be done in 4 hours.  BUT by some weird connection in the universe, these two babies have found a new home in Indiana and will be going back with us on the transport next month.  The ranch in Indiana had their first cria die, and were looking for orphaned cria, and somehow found us!
  • Also while in LA, I tripped twice, once over a crack in the sidewalk and bruised up my shin, and the second time over a speed bump in the parking lot and broke my nose!  Quite an eventful 4 days.  I'm thinking there is a message there about health that I need to take seriously!
  • Two biggest take homes from Extreme Health, the Cellerciser, and David Wolfe, who promotes walking barefoot on the ground, or grounding yourself some other way.  Bought a Cellerciser and am now bouncing my way to Extreme Health! ;-)
  • Not too much new on the Job front, still unemployed.  In late July I was offered a good job, signed the contract, started making the life changes necessary to travel 50% of my life... then before they signed the contract they retracted the offer!  It was quite a blow and unethical as hell in my opinion.. but at this point glad I'm not working for that woman anyway!!  That and the fact that I'm too busy for a full time job!
  • Went to the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp in August and came home with a dutch oven cooking business!  Check out the site at  We are supposed to put in an hour a day on this site, once it's up and making money, so for now I am still in the learning curve and putting a few hours in everyday, plus trying to apply the knowledge to our alpaca website, our B&B website, working on a new product to launch in the next couple weeks, maybe I'll do a photo editing site..... is there more?  A few hours a day on each of those ought to keep me plenty busy.
  • Mike has been doing handyman work around town and keeping fairly busy.. probably busier than he would like.  But I notice he is still finding time to read a lot and go fishing some.  He went fishing last week to Badger Creek and caught 147 fish!  His most ever in one day.  He is out fishing this morning, while I am on the computer... We are both in heaven!
  • Our Send Out Cards business is still growing strong.  In June they released a major software upgrade and the cards are cooler than ever now,  AND you have to ability to send one card without signing up for a membership now by going to  Mike and I are going to the convention in Salt Lake next week and visiting family on the trip as well.  Still fully expect to support our lifestyle 100% with Send Out Cards within the next few years.
  • Around the ranch.. If you recall we did get Chickens this year and have 2 colonies of bees this year.  They are all doing fine, without much intervention from us.  The bees have been slow, and probably won't give us honey this year, but all is well and normal with them.  We only get out there once a month or so.  The Chickens have started laying and we are getting 7-9 eggs per day now.  Again not too much to say about them.  Mike built us a nice coop this summer, completely out of scraps of material on the property.  Mike has also done a great job with the garden this year and we have canned a bunch of beets, and are now swimming in Zuchini, Yellow Squash, and Grape Tomatoes.  The Spinach and Lettuce did great earlier in the summer and we've gotten a lot of Rainbow Chard all summer long, and that is really good!
Ok!  Is that enough stuff going on the past few months.  My sister Monica, said "Once you have Facebook and can update people quickly and regularly, it makes it hard to sit and write a blog post"  Ain't that the truth!

Hope you have a great Summer!