Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More news

Well the fun around here never stops! We had a new baby alpaca (cria) this morning (sorry those of you trying for the $100, keep watching, better luck next time!) Serena had a girl with colorig of her dad and beautiful grey striped eyes. After our difficulties naming the puppies, and the last cria I hesitate to tell you that her name is Olympia... By the way, not sure I mentioned it here, but the last one is named Carmel. Anyhow, I mentioned to Mike that we are getting "quite the ranch" going. He replied, "Yeah, all we need now is the ranch!"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, we really didn't think we would get guard dogs, but a couple (or up to 8 of them if we wanted them) of great pyranees/Akbash puppies fell into our laps, at a great price, and it opened up the discussion of how we plan protect the valuable assets in the field. We decided it would be prudent to get a couple, and sooner is better than later, because it could take up to two years to learn their job and take it seriously.

So while the girls were here for Thanksgiving weekend we picked up these 10 week old puppies, and built them a spot in the shelter. Kelsey is holding Luke and Sara is hoding Asher (I think!)

I set up an additional camera so we could continue to see the entire girls pen (for baby watch) and keep an eye on the puppies too. So far all is well. The puppies and the alpacas have a respectful fear of each other still, but things are warming up.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


We have gotten our Barn Cam up and running. It is a very cool way to keep track of the animals without running out to the barn every hour, while we are waiting on the next baby to be born. It will help when I go tomorrow pick up Kelsey and Sara from the Salt Lake Airport to Ogden to spend Thanksgiving with Mike's family.

Find the link to the Camera through our Web page at

In the meantime HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Hope everyone has plenty to be thankful for, I know I do!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sophia's Baby

Sophia had her baby Monday, Nov 6. The birth was uneventful (luckily since I don't have pre-natal training until this coming weekend). I was in Albuquerque. Mike did the morning animal chores at 8:30, then we talked and he reported no indications of labor. About 9:30 he looked outside and noticed she looked a little funny, so he went out to check and found the little girl on the ground, still wet, but completely healthy. No decision on her name yet, but current leaning is Allie (after one change so far, this one MAY stick). Mike says she is bouncing around and just as cute as can be!

Everyone is curious!

Momma and Baby