Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer has come and gone...

Summer has come and gone and I haven't blogged yet again. Sara started school (high school) last week and Kelsey anxiously awaits her first college class next week! Obviously they are both back in Albuquerque after another summer up here. They spent a week at Monicas helping take care of the ranch (while they went to Europe) and got in a concert or two, and we did go to a Society for Creative Anachronisms event at Monicas house, and a day at the water park... That pretty much sums up the summer.

I've been trying to raise the bar and live up to a higher potential, and that is more what the summer has been about. Pretty exciting to me really, but nothing much to Blog about, especially since it is going to be a long process, as changing your life always is. But as of today I'm down 25 pounds and no loss of motivation, we've turned off the TV, and have vowed to try to spend more of the next year together.. preferably at home. I think the kids are satisfied with the summer although my inspiration has been uncomfortable for them as well.

Mike has caught a bit of the fever and addressing some health issues he has had for many years. He has started in a program with a local Chiropractor/Acupuncturist/Kinesiologist and is currently most of the way through a 21 day detox where you take lots of supplements to help purge your organs of toxins and eat like a bird. It's been tough, and most days fairly uncomfortable, but I think he's on the other side of the hill and starting to feel better than he has in a long long time. We are both very encouraged. Can't wait to start it myself ;-)

All four of Mike's boys are going to be visiting this weekend (starting tomorrow) and going fishing. His daughter, Sara, was nearly able to come as well, but at the last minute had somethings to attend to and could not come. You can imagine Mike is flying high right now. It's been a rare occasion that they have all been together (if ever since I've known him). I'm missing out as I'm in Las Vegas for two weeks of training, but I suppose the Moser boys deserve the time alone anyway... They will have more fun with no spouses or kids to be thinking of. I'm very excited for them.

Mike and I, to address our goals of spending more time together, are going backpacking the week I get home. I'm honing my fishing skills and we are planning to slow down our fall. That's about all I have to report right now... no photos to add either. Hope summer was great at your house.