This map shows the locations discussed in each blog post.  The most recent blog post locations are indicated with a large teardrop.  Other locations I have written about are indicated be a small dot.  Zoom in and click on the indicator to see more about that location, and review a link to that specific section of the blog post.
Large Teardrop
Small Dot

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  1. Great post, as always Phyl! My preference, would be for more frequent, shorter posts. Yes, I know we live in short-attention span era.... but then... we live in short attention span era. I sometimes delay reading your blog - because while always fascinating, it does take some time. The MAP Feature??? SOOO COOL! and this too really begs for short entries by location. I think monitizing your blog would be successful - you do fascinating things and write about them entertainly so I'm sure you could develop a following. Pictures to text ratio is fine as far as I'm concerned.