Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Around Mid September, Mike's sister Debra started campaigning to get everyone to come out for Thanksgiving to Salt Lake. She didn't have to twist our arms very hard. Mike has missed living closer to his parents and needed a visit anyway. Mike's sister Nancy also came out from LA and her son, Wyatt, from the bay area. Mike hadn't seen her in years, and had barely met her husband. I had met her in California last year, but not with Mike... So that was great to all be together! Oh yeah, all Mike's kids made it except Dan (who was thrilled to stay home and do nothing for Thanksgiving since his job takes him on the road every week of the year!). And all Mike's sister, Vicky's, kids made it home and brought boyfriends. Debra's husband's daughter did not make it, as did my kids, but the crowd was merry!

We had 22 adults (and 4 grandkids) for dinner and made one long table to get us all in. Mike and I flew in Thanksgiving morning and were able to stay the weekend, coming home Monday. Besides Thanksgiving we mostly visited, although I did steal a moment to practice my motorcycle riding skills on Jed's motorcycle! And Sunday night I went out with Vicky's whole clan and Debra to the zoo, to see the light show they had going there. Man, we jumped from Thanksgiving to Christmas fast!!

This was the first year in many I did not spend it with my girls, but Kelsey's job (at the snack bar at the skating rink) does not allow anyone to take holiday weekends off. So she could not get away, and in fact will not be able to come up for Christmas either. But Kelsey and Sara got to have Thanksgiving with their Dad, which was also a rare treat for them, so I guess that works for me.

Once home I started working on my Christmas card (none too soon) and found the program "Smilebox". It's pretty fun, and using the free trial I created my Christmas card and the Thanksgiving "Photo Album" below. (Mike's sister, Nancy, did not allow any photos, so she is mysteriously missing, as is her husband Joe, but I think I got decent shots of everyone else there.)

You can click on any photo to enlarge and use the pause and arrows to move through at your own pace. Let me know what you think.

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