Sunday, April 09, 2006

A foal is born!

The girls were here for spring break last week. I think her had a nice relaxing time (as spring break should be) and luckily they were here for the arrival and decisions about the new horse (Lady) and placement of our "old" horse (Jane), whom we put up fliers to say we'd give her away free to a good home and within 3 hours she was spoken for, problems and all. Anyway, we got through all that. Kelsey did some driving practice and otherwise the girls relaxed and played with friends, played in the snow, watched movies, etc. We did try to ride Lady one day but unfortunately we had too much snow to get over to he trailer where the tack was, and we were not about to ride her bareback.. Not to mention by the time we gave up trying to get the saddles we were soaked to the skin.

Friday afternoon they went over a friend's house for the afternoon. About 1/2 an hour after they got there Sara called to say the horse that had been expected to give birth for about a month was going into labor and did I want to come over to watch.. Which of course I did. The colt was born within about 1/2 an hour and apparently about 10 minutes after I left to get back to work, (after being there about 1.5 hours) he got up and nursed.. So all is well. It was a great experience for the girls to get to witness.