Monday, September 22, 2008

Camping and Alpacas

Well, I was trying to decide if the new me was going to write blogs or not, but so many people tell me they enjoy it, and I love letting others know what we're doing I guess I'll keep it up.

We had a great month and it seems life is looking up again. I got home from the month of being gone just after Mike finished his detox. It was AMAZING and has made a big difference in his health and therefore his attitude. His elbows which have hurt for 5 years solid no longer hurt and he thinks he may be allergic to milk, which in itself is not good, but may cure his migraines, which is fabulous! I'm starting the detox next week, and am excited and nervous all at once. Mike was so faithful to the letter of what he was told to do, that it's going to be a tough example to follow!

Just after I got home we had planned a backpacking trip, but Mike still has a lot of dietary restrictions so this became a camping trip. We spent the first night up near Leadville and fished the Arkansas and it tributaries at its source. I am dedicated to becoming a competent fly fisherman and we had a lot of fun. I also knitted a lot which was fun too. The last morning Mike was so psyched to get going that when I pulled back the tent flap he already had his waders on and was stringing his rod. I sent him on his way and held back for a cup of coffee (and slimfast) before I started and thus we ended up fishing separately for the morning. The significance of that is that I caught 4 fish when he was nowhere in sight... That to me is significant! I caught a couple more, one 16 incher or so, after we got back together. So the trip was a success and it was great to spend a little time together without having to rush to take care of an animal ;-) We need to do that more often. Mike also has a buddy nearby that he has been fishing with a few times so getting out more often, a couple times a week, is really helping his peace of mind. I think last week he caught a 24 incher.. amazing!

Up North on the Arkansas

Our Campsite the first night

Campsite the second night.. Not nearly as picturesque and the highway was too close, but the fishing made up for it!

Mike fishing on the Arkansas

There is also a lot of gold mining in the area and we met a guy who had a claim on the river right where we were fishing, so we learned a lot about Gold. He says he makes about $1000 an hour during his two week window when the conditions are great. We met another panner the next day who confirmed the story. Apparently it pays well. Now Mike is hot on my honing my gold panning skills instead of my fishing skills. He's going to buy me a pan so when we go (I mean he goes) fishing, I can be panning and pay for the trip!

My sister Monica came down the next weekend for a visit and to be a spectator at the Society for Creative Anachronisms event being held that weekend in Canon City. She brought a friend with her for the night. I went down to watch a bit also. The costumes were fun. These photos were taken at the wine tasting event... the best part of the day. Monica learned to sew and bought a sewing machine in order to make this dress!!

After that we swung into full gear to get ready for the show in Albuquerque last weekend, and ranch days coming up next weekend. We needed to get marketing paperwork done for the animals, health certificates, fiber products to sell finished, ads in the paper... etc. It is a full time job for the two of us! But it was really nice to focus hard on the animals again, as we had pretty much put them on the back burner during the summer. On the way to the show I dropped off 5 fiber boys that we sold! Yeah, 5 less mouths to feed and they should be great animals for the ranch that bought them to start their fiber herd.

Now we have new babies due again, as fall kicks in. If anyone is looking for a trip to Colorado come to our ranch days this weekend. We are having an animal kinesiologist (muscle testing) coming to do demonstrations and test our herd. Should be fascinating! Read more about her on our webpage (