Monday, September 25, 2006

We had a boy!

This morning the alpaca we bought last month (Not sure I even mentioned her here) in Denver, had a baby boy. Both momma and cria and doing great. They will stay in Denver until she is rebred.

Kobria & Quemado

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Most Popular ranch job #2 - DITCHES

Well with our decision to stay in Star Valley until May, we have to winterize our shelter which means getting water out to it, and bury the electrical, that all last winter we had provided by a long extension cord. Mike set out to do that two weekends ago while I was in Albuquerque.

He got help from our neighbor again with the use of his tractor with a backhoe on it. Well, both of these boys knew better than to dig without marking utilities, but didn't take the time to do that. Then, as I heard the discussion, there was talk about how deep was required, my vote was 4', like the footings. But someone said 5'. And in the end, because with the tractor it is so easy, we got 7'deep (in some areas) trenches.

This, in it self, is not big deal. However, they managed to cut the phone line, tear into the septic drain field line, and clip the main power, yanking the meter off the wall and knocking out the main power to our house and the neighbor's (not the one helping us) on a Sunday afternoon (the power guys LOVE that at double time).

This of course caused Mike a lot of extra work last week, but we finally got the job done and trench filled in, and even got in a wire for our not-yet purchased barn-cam.

Oh yeah, did I mention, also while I was in Albuquerque he painted our house, so it is no longer "the blue house"? I picked a color that I thought was a grey/tan color, matching one of our neighbors.. But when he painted it has most definately a pink hue! Now we live in "THE PINK HOUSE"

That was the fun last weekend... This weekend I am at the "Women in Faith" Conference in Denver, CO, with my mother and sister, Nancy. Which I might add, is turning out to be great fun, dispite the fact that me Gilbane contract has a big deadline delayed for two months until THIS weekend and so I am working until the wee hours.

Then Sunday my sister, Monica will drive back to Wyoming with me (for more information read HER blog at Then in two weeks Mike and I come back to Denver for an alpaca show.. More about that next time.