Sunday, March 08, 2009

On the road...

Mike and his son Josh took a road trip to Ohio last week. They were going to deliver 7 alpacas at 4 various farms and pick up 6 others that needed to come home. Well, since we can never have a dull moment around our house, of course this story has an adventure!

They took Josh's truck (diesel) and our trailer. The first night out Mike called at 4am to tell me the truck and trailer (and 7 alpacas) were stolen. Josh had a feeling something bad was going to happen so he was hyper vigilant that night and heard the truck being stolen from their second floor room at the motel in Independence, MO (thus the significance of diesel). They grabbed their pants, shoes and the guns that they each travel with and ran out, Mike ran toward where the truck had been parked, Josh ran the other way and headed off the truck as it pulled out onto the street. The guy tried to run Josh down, so Josh shot out the tires.

The guy only drove about 2 miles before he ditched the truck due to lack of tires, and ran off through the snow. The police arrived with the swat team, helicopters, and everything. The police followed the tracks through the snow, but did not catch the guy. The good news is of course that they did get the truck and trailer damaged only by two tires needing replacing, a bullet hole in the side of the truck, broken door handle and ignition switch. 4 hours after the first call they have new tires and are back on the road again, heading for Ohio! Nothing stolen, all without injury, Alpacas just fine. So much to be grateful for!

The rest of their trip (the next 3000 miles or so, and another 4 days) was downright boring compared to the first day. But ya' know? They did not mind! The weather was very cold so they did not sleep in the truck as they has planned, and would have liked to see the mid-west in the springtime, but alas... not to be. This was Josh's first trip East ever, and Mike got to spend 5 uninterrupted days with Josh, something he hadn't done in years... so overall the trip was full of memories.

The first stop - LIBERTY ALPACAS

Inspecting Alpacas at the next stop - CROOKED CREEK ALPACAS


The fourth stop - THE CRIA BARN
(Oops didn't get pictures at THE ALPACAROSA - sorry Carolyn and Don)

Charlie and Theresa of THE CRIA BARN