Sunday, March 25, 2007

Land Owners in Colorado

Yep, two weeks ago I drove up from Albuquerque to our new house in Canon City (6 hours). Mike drove down from Wyoming bringing one load, which included about half of our household. We closed on the new ranch without incident.

While I was in Albuquerque, our neighbors (in Wyoming) sent someone they know over to see our house. We were excited at the prospect of selling our house without even putting an ad in the paper. After the guy came by Mike felt like he wasn't that interested, life goes on, I buy signs to put up in Albuquerque and we take them home and put them up a week later. That evening (after we had put up the signs) the guy (Scott) came by, nervous to see the sign. He told us to please hold on for a few more days because he had been wracking his brain, unable to sleep at night, trying to figure out how to get his house sold and make an offer on ours. He asked us to wait one more week cause he was expecting a raise and he'd have more information. Well last Thursday he came by to discuss terms and we came to an agreement. We are just waiting on the final contract! Unbelieveable. We sold our house without even posting an ad anywhere! Sort of like we bought the house in Colorado without them having to place an ad anywhere except the Yahoo group we belong to. This whole move has been pretty surreal!

We'll be moving in April and going to alpaca shows at the end of April and beginning of May. Our phone numbers have already changed. Please note the following new address and phone:

167 Cactus Dr. W.
Canon City, CO 81212

719-371-7124 (Phyllis)
719-371-7125 (Mike)
The girls number stays the same.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Trip to the Alpaca Mall

Well, what should you do when you buy a bigger ranch? Well, buy more alpacas, of course! As soon as our contract was signed we started looking for more animals. And when you look, be careful, you will find. Ohio has more alpaca ranches than any other state, so no suprise when we picked out a few animals there. Three were at one ranch and after initial email negotiations we decided it prudent to visit Ohio and see them first hand (In fact we consider that we buy so many without seeing them as rather risky and luckily have not been burned yet). So I tagged the trip to Ohio, which I now like to refer to as the alpaca mall, on to the front end of one of my Albuquerque trips. I visited three ranches, hosted and guided by one of them, and went home with agreements on 5 animals and a decision on 3 in Georgia. This rounds out our herd with 22 alpacas now. We need to shift our focus to selling so we can buy more ;-)

This week I have been in Albuquerque, finalizing negotiations, and arranging our trip out east in May to pick all the new kidlets up. 4000 mile road trip ahead!

Click on the photo to enlarge.