Thursday, July 07, 2011

Salt Lake on a bus.

On May 15th Send Out Cards chartered 3 busses to go from Denver to the Salt Lake Treat-em-right Seminar (Send Out Cards 1 day motivational seminar).  My Mom and I thought that would be a fun adventure, so she came up from Albuquerque, picked me up from the airport (coming from Chicago of course) and we spent the night at Rose's house and got on the bus at 6:30 the next morning.  Well we were right about adventure.  Only two hours into it, the highway was closed due to SNOW in Wyoming.  Thought about rerouting to I-70, but chains were required there!  So after a little resourcefulness the Bus driver found a way around the road closure and we were back on track again.  However the re-route shortcut took us over about 5 miles of dirt road, which after the 24 hours of POURING rain, was kind of a Mud-slide road.  After ward the bus driver informed us that although he was sliding all over, his main concern was not stopping, lest he get stuck n the MUD.. Luckily the adventure ended there.  And as much fun as it was going, it had lost it's enamour by the bus ride home, which was from 7pm until 4am, and then a 3 hour drive back to my house where we both CRASHED!  I think we've done that, and don't feel the need to do that again.

Because we rode the Thursday bus, we had a full day on Friday to ourselves.  An absolute on the adjenda was to visit the Send Out Cards plant.  The bus was going to take all that wanted a ride over at 10 am, but I thought "Gee, I really don't want to arrive with 52 other people for a tour" so we grabbed a cab, got there at 9am and had a private tour.  SO glad we did that!  It is wonderful to be able to walk right up to the machines and ask all the questions you can think of.  I had been 2 times before but this was Mom's first time, so the personal attention was fantastic.

Our tour ended just as the bus showed up with the other 52 people, so we thought we would hang out a bit and catch a ride back to the hotel with them... However sometime within that waiting period I had the bright idea to give Mike's brother-in-law, Keith Caraway, a call.  I knew the building he worked in was within sight of Send Out Cards, but wasn't sure which one it was.  So when I called him, he was delighted and popped over to say hi.  He got there just as the bus was leaving so we abandoned the ride back to town idea and went to lunch with him.  He then put us on a city bus that took us back to town and actually dropped us right at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake where we had decided to go see the IMAX movie.  Perfect!  Then the free trolley in Salt Lake took us back to the hotel just in time for the evening's Send Out Cards event so we could get all motivated in our busines again.

I must admit I've been to 4 treat-em-rights now, and you would think I know what they want me to know, but these are self improvement seminars, and it amazes me every time what more I learn about myself!  Can't wait for the next one.

The next event I was excited to participate in was the first Saturday in June in Chicago.. My last day in Chicago.  I was excited to still be there and be able to attend their local "Super Saturday"  (another training event popping up around the country).  We have Super Saturdays in Colorado about once a month (unless something else is going on, like bus trips to Salt Lake) and I find them every inspirational.  The one in Chicago was much smaller and very intimate, which was great.  And it just so happened that the speaker/trainer for the day was none other than Jordan Adler, the number one month earner in Send Out Cards.  He recently bought a 4th home in Chicago, and so likes to hang out there!  Anyway, what a great opportunity to get to take part in.