Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm Back!

I continue to be surprised at the number of people who tell me they love (and miss) my blog.  I must admit I miss it somewhat too.  I thought Facebook was a replacement for the blog, but I don't tend to give any detail on Facebook nor post regularly.  Also I tend to miss lots of other peoples posts on Facebook, so I understand the frustrations of trying to keep up.  So lately I've been thinking I should start to blog again.  The Universe seems to agree... Tonight's story is too long for a Facebook post.

Last week on our way home from Salt Lake, we stopped for the night to visit friends in Cedaredge, a small town in western Colorado, in an area famous for it's produce.  So we left there with a box of tomatoes, a box of peaches, and a box of Pears.  Mikes parents had sent a half a box of tomatoes home with us and our Cedaredge friend Gloria had given us a large butternut squash.  SO... started out the week with a lot of plans for my spare time.

Monday morning I started in and dried a batch of tomatoes, Tuesday I dried peaches and froze some, and ate some.... (we finished up the peaches).  The pears were not quite as ripe, but by Thursday it was time to dry pears.  I also wanted to make a pie of the squash, and can some tomato sauce.

Anyhow, I had a class this morning and returned home about 3pm... Looking at the squash sitting on the counter (for the last week) I decided it was time to cook that for dinner, and make a pie of the remaining squash.  I also had enough squash to put one pie worth in the freezer... yea!  So just as I got started on that Mike came in and pointed out to me that the tomatoes were pretty ripe.  I said "Ok, I'll make tomato sauce tomorrow."  He said "I'm not sure you understand... I don't think they are going to make it to tomorrow."   Humm.  Guess I'd better get started on that sauce.

I was hoping to find a pie crust for my pie in the freezer, but did not.. so alas pulled out the cookbook to make some pie crust.  When I noticed a recipe for pear pie on the same page as my normal pie crust.  Fact is, I still have a half a box of pears to use up... If I'm going to make pie, I might as well make enough crust for both.  Unfortunately, the pear was a double crust, (my recipe for pie crust makes two) so I make two recipes, leaving one crust for the freezer... nice, since I had enough squash for one more pie for the freezer.

I continued through dinner on my little cooking spree, digging out the canning jar and cleaning them up, cutting up pears, making tomato sauce, etc.  Mike was patiently waiting a piece of Butternut Squash pie (Oh did I mention this was my first time to make butternut pie, and my first time to make pear pie, and my first time to can tomato sauce.... Humm, think I may have had a little too much going on?)

Anyhow.. the squash pie was supposed to be coming out of the oven, but it wasn't setting up at all.  I kept cooking it, and cooking it, and cooking it to no avail... The top seemed to be burning, the crust was over crispy, and the insides were as runny as milk.  Mike gave up and went to bed... It was about 20 minutes later it dawned on me that I hadn't put the eggs in the pie.  Aargh.  Took the pie out, put the pear pie in, finished canning the sauce.  I decided to scrape the filling out of the pie, add the eggs and try again.. But not sure how this would work, and not sure the crust wouldn't spontaneously combust.. AND being that this is the first time I made this new pie... I decided I better use my extra crust and my extra squash and make one brand new pie, as well as redo the old pie.

Well 23 minutes left on the timer.  My feet are screaming at me... I hope they let me go take the pie out of the oven... guess I'll have to let you know tomorrow how the pie is.  Or with all this pie around here, maybe you want to stop by and share a piece!

I do like to blog... maybe I'll start that up regularly again... Oh and guess I have to change my title again, as the Weston Price cookbook thing was a complete bust.