Saturday, May 20, 2006

Alpaca Initiation

Well, I've been initiated into the alpaca world. We had a happy hour this week. Thought we might do that regularly to introduce people to the alpacas. We've been advertising for people to "touch the alpacas", so obviously they would have to be caught, something we hadn't done since bringing them home two weeks ago. When the first few guests arrived we went out to the alpaca corral, Sophia proved to be the easier to catch, although she wasn't too happy about it. So we decided to catch Serena when the others got there later. Serena is much less friendly and with everyone making a fence and giving her very little room, I successfully caught her, only to be tripped up against the fence and thrown to the ground... feet flying through the air, dress torn, glasses flying.. guess it was quite the entertainment for the guests. Then with more resolve I headed back for her, but Serena is the kicker. Her aim was true (I should have known better than to get behind her) and she gave me two swift kicks, right in the spot that was scraped up from the fall! Finally we used the horse panel and penned her in and got the halter on through the panel, so she did not get away with it. On the brighter side the secod time Sophia just stood to be caught and I caught her again today and fed her hay out of my hand, Serena's just not as friendly. Sophia is the spitter though, and so I guess you can say Lila was initiated too!

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  1. Ouch! and... Ouch! Sorry to giggle, but your description is all too vivid. Hope the injuries *(to body and pride) heal quickly.