Friday, June 16, 2006

Cracker Jack Comes Home

Cracker Jack finally made it to our ranch, after another eventful transporter experience where the transporter's truck broke down in Gunnison, CO. We also got the panels we ordered this week, a month after promised (just like Jack) so we can now put the alpacas out to graze during the day. They do love that. I tell you the alpaca transport business is HOT if ya'll are looking for a career change. But with the gas prices there are even fewer transporters. This guy we used is one of the few left and the demand is so high, and he can't seem to keep his truck functional.. and never returns a phone call. I keep running into people who I have to think, "Gosh if I'd just respond to my customers, I could do BETTER in business than these people." And the people I think this about and doing pretty well in the alpaca business! So, this makes 4 animals at the ranch (Two pregnant females, one potential herdsire, and one gelding), one in Denver for breeding and one in VA, taking care of her baby. It will still be 4 months or so before those two come home, depending on transporter availability!

Anyhow, after seeing Jack for the first time we were all suprised because he is TINY, especially next to Ko-Chise who seems to be on the extra large side. Of course it's hard to judge since the boys are sheared and the girls are not. At any rate, he is one of the sweetest, friendliest, easiest handlers we have met. We are thrilled with him.

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Hi Phyllis, those alpacas are so darling! Glad you guys have lots of land for them to roam on.
    My dad's been ill, the Drs say he has cancer but can't find where it is- stupid Drs! he is up and around tho and trying to live while he has time. Like we all are. No one knows how long they have anyway right? so we all need to have fun while we are here.
    we had to put our dog Misty to sleep last week it was so awful!I have never cried in front of a bunch of strangers and not been able to stop. Poor Misty's liver was failing and she was in a lot of pain, i couldn't let her go on like that. Poor geordi keeps looking for her, and he is so lonely.he is the friendliest dog i know and loves other dogs and loves to play~
    So we may get a puppy for him some time this swummer, brint says NO but I usually get my way-hahah! it is for geordi after all! I do love Puppies!
    anyway i relize other people can read this so i better just send it But want to tell You Hi and I am so glad that you are having fun with you alpacas and horses? and your girls are so pretty and tall, they are growing up fast.
    love kerry