Friday, August 25, 2006

A Visit from Mike's Parents

Well it feels like a month since I wrote although it has only been half. Since the girls left at the beginning of August I have been to Boise for almost a week, Las Vegas for a few days and last weekend I was supposed to go to Providence, RI, next week to Denver and then on to Albuquerque. The trip to Providence was cancelled at the last minute, but Mike had made plans to pick his parents up and have them spend the weekend up in Wyoming (Picking them up and dropping them off while giving me rides to the airport each way). So we drove to Ogden anyway, and his parents did come up for a visit to beautiful Star Valley, and we were able to be in Ogden for Mike's sister, Vicky's, birthday party. We still a great weekend (better for me than going all the way across country), we just need to slow the adventure down! (How many times have I said that in life?!) We did manage a horse back ride or three and a couple outings fishing, but not nearl enough for the summer we have.

Seems three of the contracts I am working on now have deadlines in the next week, so work has been ver hectic for me. I am loving the new work situation, I just need to spead it out a little more too. Mike's work has slowed down a bit and he has made lots of progress on our house. We'll be ready to send photos soon.


We had a blow in our business plan last week. The Alpaca with the broken toe, who was still recovering in Denver and trying to get rebred (but not having any success), had a heart attack and died. Her recovery seemed to be going so well but I guess all the stresses took their toll. Stress in the number one killer of alpacas and she had certainly had her share of late! She was insured for the purchase price although she still cost us a lot for her surgery, breeding, transportation from GA, etc. On the other hand, I think something may just not have been right in her, perhaps it's best we can move on.

Just two days before that we mailed the check out on another girl at a friends ranch in Boise, so we still have six alpaca. This is Token. She is nursing a little one and won't be coming home until Thanksgiving or so.

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  1. kelsey3:25 PM

    token looks like she is smiling in that last picture. how cute.