Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This month Mike is finishing his sister's basement in Salt Lake and as we don't want to be away because the alpacas are due to have babies any moment, he is coming home when I'm in Albuquerque and going to Salt Lake when I am home.. It works out except we are not together much and I am missing him terribly! I'm usually not home alone, and it is darned quiet around here! Makes me feel sad that I leave him here alone so much. He hopes to finish Debbie's basement by Thanksgiving.

Mike did come home last Thursday bringing our newest herd addition (Token) home, since the ranch we bought her from (in Boise) called last week to say they could bring her to Salt Lake. So since Thursday we have been watching the herd dynamics, which is pretty interesting. Token is a very nice looking animal with great genetics and she will fit right in with our other girls. So now when we look out of the window, there are five!

Soon we will have our barncam up and running. We have bought it and set it up, but it turns out we buried the wrong kind of cable (remember that 7' trench) so we re figuring that out now. Well let you know.

Neither Kelsey nor Sara are interested in trick or treating this year so I guess we'll all be home (me in Wyoming then they in New Mexico) giving out candy and watching scary movies! Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Balloon Fiesta 2006

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  1. Phyllis !!
    Hello there :)

    I'm so grateful that Monica gave me the address to your blog.

    I want to wish you a very happy birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    The alpaca pictures made me verklempt. I just want to thank you again for your warm hospitality when I visited the Great Wyoming. It was one of the most memorable trip of my entire life. Felt as if I was on a spiritual pilgrimage.

    And the Alpacas was certainly one of the highlight, they were so beautiful !!
    Please say "hi" to Mike.