Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, we really didn't think we would get guard dogs, but a couple (or up to 8 of them if we wanted them) of great pyranees/Akbash puppies fell into our laps, at a great price, and it opened up the discussion of how we plan protect the valuable assets in the field. We decided it would be prudent to get a couple, and sooner is better than later, because it could take up to two years to learn their job and take it seriously.

So while the girls were here for Thanksgiving weekend we picked up these 10 week old puppies, and built them a spot in the shelter. Kelsey is holding Luke and Sara is hoding Asher (I think!)

I set up an additional camera so we could continue to see the entire girls pen (for baby watch) and keep an eye on the puppies too. So far all is well. The puppies and the alpacas have a respectful fear of each other still, but things are warming up.

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  1. this was from along time ago but i was reareading and yea i am holding asher also i like this pic love u mom