Thursday, July 19, 2007

Water Problems Solved

I had a couple people point out that I had not posted on the resolution of our water problems.

I am happy to report that by mid-June we had the solution installed. It was pretty intense. It involves injecting peroxide into the water out of the well. The peroxide molecule attaches to the sulphur molecule and becomes an oxygen molecule, that then dissipates off in a 300 gallon tank. Next the water goes through a carbon filter to remove any of the peroxide left. From there it splits off to the barn and the house. In the house it goes through a water softener and then reverse osmosis at the kitchen sink.

The pipes have all been corroded by years of sulphur/copper reaction so before we are done we will have to replace all the piping in the house, which we will do over time with PEX piping (plastic - won't react to the sulphur).

In the meantime the water tastes great, the house smells better, the showers don't make your eyes sting. Every time we think about it we are just amazed that the previous owners lived for 10 years this way.

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