Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a nice weekend. Kelsey and Sara were up for the weekend. We started with a nice quiet Turkey Day with just the 4 of us, lots of food, games, football, movies, Animals, and plenty to be thankful for! The celebrations continued when we had the neighbors (with their 5 kids from 17 months to 17 years old) over for brunch the next day. It was good to get to know them a little better and good for my kids to meet their kids, and summer already seems more fun.

Then, Friday afternoon the REAL adventure begins, as we drove up to Denver. Monica and David were taking Kelsey and Sara to a "Fall out boys" concert including 3 other bands Mike and I did not know (is there supposed to be a generation gap between you and your sister?).. Ok for those who might know, it was "Plain White T's", "Gym Class Heros" and "Cute is what we aim for". Ha! did that help?! Anyhow the adventure started long before we got there as the snow started falling early that morning. The roads between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock were hazardous to say the least. We had the added challenge of driving the truck pulling the trailer, because while the kids were at the concert, Mike and I were heading up to an Clearview Alpacas, way up on top of the mountain west of Golden, to pick up a Mom and cria that were there for breeding. But when we almost slid the whole rig into a small hatchback while driving up I-25 (luckily going 15 mph, but envision our size difference) we decided not to try to drive up the mountain, and not to try to drive home at midnight that night, so when we dropped the girls at the concert we got a hotel room. I still am in awe (not for the first time) of Mike's driving abilities. I honestly cannot believe he didn't hit the car, nor slam the trailer into the concrete barrier on the shoulder. Just another thing to be thankful of!

SO Saturday morning we still had to go up to Clearview and get Athena and Alpine, before heading home. We got home around 2pm, putting a serious cramp in our plan of decorating for the holidays and cookie baking. We had a friend also coming by to pick up the Subaru, which she bought from us.. another story another day. As we put Athena and Alpine into the barn we were greeted by a new cria! I had actually put it out of my mind that Sophia was due any day now. She had a little beige girl, and absolutely no problems. She was about 2 hours old, and pretty cold, but already standing, eating, and curious as heck. She is going to be a strong nice girl! We have named her Vail.


The girls have gone home now, the house is quiet and I am finishing the decorating the tree and baking cookies. Ahhh, life is good.

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as satisfying!


  1. Had a Great Thanksgiving! Well, except we were missing one chair at the table.....

    But we muddled through, I found out I'm really not that bad a Dad or a chef either, broiled the turkey to perfection....brining is definitely the key...kinda cheated on the smashed potatoes and stuffing.....hmmm, some other special someone always does that,

    But we had a wonderful day all in all.

    One Holiday down, one to go. I'm in "fake it till I make it" mode.

    Happy T-Day!!

  2. Jackie9:43 PM

    When 29 family members enumerated what we were thankful for at my house on Thanksgiving we counted health (an iffy thing in my parents' generation,) good family, and that my cousins' house did not burn down in the California wildfires (close, but no cigar!)

    A day later, we added that the fridge waited until the following day to conk out! (Timing is everything!)

    Brining - definitely the key! Wining is good too! Marc did one of each - one wined, one brined. Both delicious!

    Here's to many more T-days, just like this one!


  3. >>(is there supposed to be a generation gap between you and your sister?)..

    SNERK! Rest assured, Phyl, most of my friends have been wondering the same thing. LOL But life's too short to not follow your true passions. ;)

  4. OH... and it is 'Fall Out Boy' :)

    Not Fallout Boy, not Fall Out Boys. Plain old Fall Out Boy, aka FOB

    (/pop culture tutorial)