Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Son

So, I'm behind on my blogging, but this week I am in training and finding myself with a little more time so I'll blog a few topics in between lesson topics.

Mike's son Dan spent the month of January with us. He arrived on Christmas night and he and Mike took off on Dec 27 to hook up with two other sons, Jed, and Josh, and they went hunting for Quail in Arizona for a week. Didn't find many quail, but I don't have to tell you how Mike was in heaven that week, quail or no quail. Unfortunately the camper and truck presented them with lots of unexpected problems, but all survived.

Dan came back after the hunting and spent the rest of January at our house. He tore into our jobs around home, and they have now built us a front Closet, and divider for the living room, and enlarged the soon to be laundry room and moved that door, also modifying the pantry... So this is the beginning of the new and improved main house at Aardwolf Ranch. Certainly lots of relaxing also took place during that month, and I was amazed at the numbers of jobs they came up with needing to do that required the use of the new tractor or 4-wheeler. Dan also rode the horse a few times. We wished he could have stayed longer but eventually his job called him back to Missoula. As a forester his Winter season is slow... perhaps he'll be back next year.

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