Monday, February 09, 2009

I am a knitter!

For many years ~ around 40 actually (giving myself six years to find out what knitting was.) I have told people I am not a knitter. For the past 15 or so I have told people I know how to knit, the basic stitches, but I still was not a knitter. But today I must tell you, I am a knitter. I owe my thanks to my friend Elaine Million who drug me to our knitting group (seemed like a good idea as I didn't know anyone in town. And after all I sell yarn, might as well network with knitters... unlike myself of course). In fact in this group I had a woman who knitted for me. I didn't do much knitting at all. But one day I saw a scarf that caught my eye, and as usual my response was "I could make that!" So I did.. made 3 of them. Still not terribly enamoured with knitting. Then, in an Alpaca Magazine I saw a sweater with a pattern that I liked... "I could make that". And so I did. Because there was some pattern to it, everyone thought I was being too ambitious, but hey, if you know a knit stitch and a purl stitch, you know what you need to know. And with Karen's help (The REAL foundation knitter in the group) I was able to read the pattern and finish the sweater.

I'm now VERY excited to start the next one ;-) I guess I am a knitter.


  1. Looks fabulous!!! I remember the woman up at the fiber show in Estes giving you the "oh, sure, you're going to knit THAT sweater" vibe. LOL! You have to go back and show her up this summer!

  2. Welcome to the world of knitting. Now you are hooked! That sweater looks wonderful! Now you need to get on

    I have almost finished the sweater I am blogging about. I think the knitting is done and maybe tomorrow I'll get pictures of the finished sweater up. Ther is very little finishing left to do.