Sunday, April 18, 2010


We got chicks at the ranch last week, well to be honest they are still in the house.... and a bit too close.  (Noisy, somewhat stinky) but darn cute!!  I don't know anything about chickens, so this has been fun.  They startle like babies..  They are also growing FAST.  They have been home since they were 1 day old.  Here's the one day old photos.. 
At the store ^

We got 10 Buff Orphingtons, 5 Rhode Island Reds, and 5 Golden Sex Link.  We wanted Barred Rock, but they were out of them.  We plan to keep at least 12 for eggs, and the others will find their way to the freezer.

Below are the photos from this week.... When I look at the photos they don't look all that different, but they are significantly bigger!
(Trying out the new Wings!)

We have yet to start the coop (busy building beehives you know.. check out my new post on the bee blog), but we are full of ideas where the coop is concerned!  If you have any unique suggestions for how to build a better chicken coop, please share ;-)

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