Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ski Patrol

The ski patrol is dragging on. Since we finished our Outdoor Emergency Care training in November, we have been doing on-hill training, learning to run the Toboggans, Snow King protocol, working on our skiing skills and practicing mock scenarios on the hill. It is an exhausting day of skiing and I have been going one day a weekend and one evening a week throughout January, hoping to get checked off and become an active Patroller. Well ski season ends at the end of March. Not sure any of us will finish by then. It has become quite tedious to keep up the enthusiasm and quite the bummer because I can't ski with Mike, so he skis alone or not at all. I won't be going the next three weekends though because it's time to head to Albuquerque again.

On the bright side I found a deal to ski free at Park City any day you have a boarding pass for, so I quick changed my Sunday evening home ticket for a Monday morning ticket (I LOVE SOUTHWEST) and when Mike picks me up we'll go skiing for the day before driving home.

The snow and cold has been relentless. I want to attach a photo, but there have been so few sunny days. I'll just illustrate by saying that we almost can't see the frame of our trampoline, because the snow is too deep in the backyard!


  1. I'm jealous of all your snow. And the skiing. We've had very little snow here this year. Went skiing once in Dec. and that's all. Kudos for all the work on the ski-patrol. That will be quite an accomplishment. James and Patrick both went skiing last weekend with friends, James in CA and Patrick in NH.

  2. Ditto on the snow envy -- we've had almost 0 snow this year down on the front range. Mountains and ski country are getting dumped on, but we're severly lacking for the moisture. Course - dry conditions do make life around our place more liveable, so we're not complaining too loudly yet.

  3. Jim Hale4:24 PM

    Ditto Ditto.
    No snow here. Only 30 inches at Taos Ski Valley at the moment. Only skiing has been in Colorado.
    Hang in there the the Winter, Winter, Winter.

    Thanks for blogging.