Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A visit from Irvin Perry

One of the bigger events of the year in Jackson is the Dog Sled Race, especially noticable if your office manager is an ex-professional dog sledder, volunteers on the committee as race secretary, and generally kind person that cannot say no to anyone. This race started last Friday in Jackson for an evening short 4 mile kick off race. Then they tour around with a race in Lander, Pinedale, Alpine, Kemmerer, Evanston and Park City. 300 miles total. We went to the festivities on Friday evening and then volunteered to house a musher on the night they were in Alpine. That got us invited to an excellent pot luck (fun) and we were assigned to house Irvin Perry.

Irvin was travelling with his wife, Yoenne, and Dog Handler, Christie, and they were from Inuvik, Northwest Territory. If you don't know where that is, it is at the end of the road, literally, where the North American Highway system ends in the North. We stayed up late with them chatting and enjoyed a big breakfast before they were off to run the 60 mile leg Wednedsay. A very interesting evening and morning. Their 23 dogs stayed in the truck! (They left the other 22 at home.. and they do this "just for fun!").

I guess this race hosts the best dog sledders in the world. Irvin said there was no way to touch the top 5, but since up to 12th place pays out more than the $1000 entry fee, the other 15 teams were competing for those 7 spots. They were fairly disappointed with their showing so far.


  1. 23 dogs in the truck? Amazing! Think I can get away with that for our kennel?

  2. Jackie Zev8:07 AM

    For anyone who has ever thought that running sled dogs might be fun, I highly recommend "Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod" by Gary Paulsen. It's a very fast read, highly enjoyable, and very eye opening. After reading that book, I think the sidelines are the best place to be when a dog race is afoot!

  3. Phyllis, I really enjoy reading your web page. I'm so envious of all the exciting things you do. I really need to get out and "live". Anyway, continue to send me your updates. :-)

  4. That's really cool, Phyllis. There is a sled dog race here in Duluth that starts from near our house. I went to the start one year with Patrick. It's the John Beargrease, named after a mailman. It goes from here up to the Canadan border and back. (His mail route, I guess) I don't know the distance. I think it takes them about 3 days. It was just run last week, but I was too busy to get into it. I'm glad you got to host a musher. Have you ever heard of the board game "Mush" It's one of our favorites, but it's not available any more.