Thursday, April 05, 2007

April means moving

Last week Kelsey and Sara came up to Wyoming for spring break and to say goodbye. They both like Wyoming, so (really for all of us) this move accompanies many emotions. While they were here we didn't do very much, relaxed, read, played with the puppies, who now weigh 75 pounds! And on their last day here we picked up the horses from where they were boarded for the winter.

Then, Tuesday Mike loaded the horses and another 1/2 trailer full of our household and headed down to CO. We left the horses at my sister, Monica's, horse ranch. Luckily she is only a couple hours away and can help out. Hopefully, we will be able to plan some stuff with them, although with their blossoming Dog Kennel and horse businesses they don't have much spare time either. (See Sun Pony Ranch blog link at right). But they will be able to come down in a couple weeks and help us unload the moving truck and see the place.. not to mention keeping the horses, which helps tremendously.

Just as the alpaca business seems to be full of logistics, this move with all the animals etc, seems full of logistics. The previous owners moved out last weekend, so Mike wanted to check on the condition of the house before we moved. So after dropping the horses he went on down to our house and spent a day getting a good look at what needs to be done, and found a LOT of work ahead for us. The Carpet cleaners the seller hired hadn't done an exemplary job, so we got them back out to finish up, and the house was very dirty, even after they hired someone to come in to clean. Mike spent some time washing walls, light fixtures, cobwebs, etc, so that when we arrive with our furniture on the 19th the house should be ready. He also met with a water company to discuss what we need to get to fix our water. It has a very strong Sulpher smell. Not sure why the previous owners didn't fix that, but that is first on our to do list. The house needs a lot of updating and painting, plus we want to modify the plan some, so we are anxious to decide what we are doing with that. Luckily the animals can move right in. They will be the last thing we bring on May 1.

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  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I hope you guys have Guest quarters. This place looks Great! You are going to get a lot of visitors...