Saturday, April 14, 2007

Legend gets his first Histogram

Just a bit of background most of you might know. We bought our Alpaca named Pepper Fire from a small ranch in Virginia last February (2006). The seller wanted the baby she was carrying, and in fact, this being unusual might be the reason someone else had not snagged her up. But she was close to her due date and therefore not a big deal to us, and we got a good price on a nice black female. The seller wanted to keep the baby because she had gotten a very nice breeding to a very well known male, the Aga Khan. Pepper stayed at the sellers ranch until the baby was weaned (nearing 6 months old).

Well shortly after that Legend (the baby) went to his first show and he took every award in a landslide win. The seller (Dawn) immediately called saying the value of our girl had just easily doubled and we had better take her off the market before someone buys her at a too low price due to our inexperience. Well this was all very exciting, and since then he has won everything at the next show he went to. Everyone has been congratulating Dawn telling her she "just won the lottery". She now has a multi-hundred thousand dollar alpaca on her ranch (and our girl is the mom ;-) We decided to leave her at that ranch until the next baby is born (any moment now) and then breed her back to the Aga Khan and keep our finger crossed for a repeat performance. So here we are a year later owning an alpaca we have never even seen! (but with excellent potential).

Anyhow, Legend has just been shorn for this year and gotten his fleece sample back. For those who knows what this means his stats are as follows:

Fiber diameter is 14.4 microns,
Standard Deviation is 3.2 microns,
Coefficient of Variation is 22.2% and
Fibers greater than 30 microns is 0.3%.

For those of you that don't know, this is VERY GOOD. Congratulations to Dawn, and Mada Vemi Alpacas! We are so excited for you and happy to be a part of this.

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  1. Jackie12:21 AM

    Boy! Congratulations! So, are you rushing out to buy a lottery ticket?