Friday, August 24, 2007

A visit from the Moser boys (well most of them anyway)

It is a rare enough occurrence that it is worth posting about. Three of Mike's boys, accompanied by Josh's girlfriend, Rachel, stopped in for a visit last weekend. This is Adam's first visit since he lived with his Dad. He drove over from Salt Lake with Jed. Josh and Rachel drove up from Albuquerque. The only son missing, and missed he was, was Dan, whom had a plane ticket but at the last minute got called out on a forest fire in Montana. Mike was in heaven!

Even though Mike has found the fishing here to be even better than the Jackson area (an unexpected bonus) we have had a LOT of rain this summer and it keeps messing up the rivers and washing out the roads. They spent dawn until dusk for three days seeking good fishing, and never quite found the quality of fishing Mike knows is in the area. Mike was very disappointed at that. I think the boys enjoyed the seeking as much as the fishing. Rachel and I spent Saturday seeking more civilized entertainment, best idea I've acted on in a while.

Last week I got a new contract at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and so I also was a but preoccupied with that over the weekend but have worked pretty much non-stop since they left on Sunday. Last night we took a break from the work and went to see Steve Miller Band at the Red Rocks in Denver, a venue I've wanted to go to for years! It was quite gorgeous, and the band was fun too. Monica and David were to join us but at the last minute Monica had to go to Seattle, so sent her die hard Steve Miller Band fan friend, Janice, with David. Only down side.. couldn't leave early (Jet Plane played at midnight) so we didn't get home until 3am. Today we are both in total recover mode from the week!

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