Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And baby makes 26

We had a new cria on Friday. A girl and solid black. She's tiny, but she is a beauty. This is her Mom's first baby and obviously she hadn't read the book because by noon it was definitely looking like there would be no baby that day. Mike had been down at the barn working until 2:30 or so. I was leaving for my monthly trip to Albuquerque at 4pm. I stopped by the barn to pick up something to take with me, and found a baby that was probably close to an hour old sitting up beside her mom (who looked very confused). She was ready to stand and definitely ready to nurse. Her name is Trinity.

Coincidentally, Kelsey (who checks the barncam every afternoon when she gets home from school) realized that she was on here way to look at the barncam at 3:30, but realizing I was probably already on the road to Albuquerque, she did not. Of course if she HAD, she might have seen the baby being born, or noticed it on the ground and would have collected the $100. She's bummed she blew it off.

Sophia and Athena (the two remaining alpacas in the birthing pen) are due to have their babies before the end of September. Guess they will make 27 & 28, unless of course we sell one by then! HA! By the way, our alpacanation site (the place most people buy alpacas) is live now as of a couple weeks ago, another major accomplishment for us. See it at


  1. Hooray for a black female cria!! Just what you want for your herd, right? Congrats!

  2. martina3:23 PM

    Is this Ruby's cria? She's very cute! You could name her "Rudi", like my "black baby girl"!!