Thursday, November 13, 2008

Motorcycle Safety

I always hate to write these blogs that I have no photos for! But oh well. I wanted to mention the Motorcycle Safety Class Kelsey, Sara, and I took a couple of weeks ago. This all started when last year Kelsey was considering a motorcycle as transportation at college. Being easier to park and cheaper to drive (not to mention fun) she was thinking this was a good option. When I discussed this with Mike he recommended the Motorcycle Safety Class in New Mexico. So she was still undecided, in the meantime discussion continued. Mike's boys ALL now have motorcycles, and Mike is jealous. So I started thinking he ought to get another motorcycle (not high on the priority list but sometime). Then I thought if he got a motorcycle, I ought to learn to drive it! Then Sara got the bug. She's just driving age now, but LOVES those toys with motors (snowmobiles, 4-wheelers). So we decided to all take the class together.

In September and October when I was in Albuquerque, Mike's son, Josh, took us out for a lesson. Once in the parking lot at the mall and a couple times where they like to dirt bike. Aside from the fact these bikes (the dirt bikes) were uncomfortably tall for me and made me nervous, it was wonderful to give us just a bit of experience and prepare us for the class.

The class is designed for those who have never been on a motorcycle before, so it was VERY basic. Which was excellent. Anyhow, in the end all three of us passed and now are licensed to ride a motorcycle! The class unfortunately did nothing but bury that bug in our brains... Now we NEED motorcycles!!

Last weekend Mike and I went to Ft. Collins for the Fall Colorado Alpaca Show. The show turned out not to be our best one (maybe even was our worst one). But of course made the best of our networking opportunities. It was good to be there.

Anyhow, waited long enough to write that I do have a picture, Bonita's baby, born today (girl). Healthy and strong, just in time for the cold weather here in CO.

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  1. *clap clap clap*.....and yup, it iis a bug.

    22 years with no bike for me....not enough insurance to sooth the XP.....but now?

    After the Holidays, the Dragn, oh a bad influence, that one, would enjoy me doing a little second midlife.....

    Sportsters and Indians will be on sale.....hmmmm, ol' Wollf with a Beautiful Dragn behind?

    Could well happen.

    My best to you, Mike and the Gurls.