Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Visit from the Girl Scouts

Last spring we met a girl Scout troop at a function we were at that wanted to get involved in Alpacas. They planned to go camping on our property and learn a bunch about alpacas. The weeks kept going by but finally we settled on Nov 2.. And they ended up coming up for the day (Camping.. Burrr!!). AND confusion resulted in only half of their troop of four couldn't make it.. So we had two girls and a leader for the afternoon. It was fun none the less and we taught them all they wanted to know about alpacas. We taught them to catch and halter, trim toenails, and had a small mock show that they participated in. Then we skirted, carded, and felted some soaps for a craft project, and to round it out we cooked foin dinners on our wood burning stove (deciding it was much more comfortable inside, rather than outside around a campfire. It was a fun day for all, and they will be back.

After that we had our last baby for the year, Branson, a dark brown boy. Almost matches Juno. That makes 5 and 5 for the year, no complaints with that. And for once all the animals are healthy (for the most part.
Because all the babies were born, and everyone was healthy, we were able to go out to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving, but I'll blog about that after I get my photos in order ;-).

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  1. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!! By the way.....who's the skinny redhead in that picture?

    Oh, my bad....that's You!!

    damm I amuse myself.