Sunday, July 03, 2005

And now for something completely different.

Well, we bought two horses yesterday. Never really knew I wanted horses, but I guess it all started because we bought land..... Actually Mike has had horses before and was interested in having them again and I guess that was all the encouragement I needed. I tried to find alternative to owning (leasing and offering boarding, renting etc.) but it was looking like nothing was going to work out so we realized horses are not so expensive, we could buy a couple and if we didn't like it we could always sell them again. Anyhow, Friday the girls and I went to Idaho Falls to do our final shopping before our trip to the Virgin Islands and instead went horse shopping. We stayed the night in IF and since the horses we bought came with a trailer, we could bring them home with us Saturday. They are happily munching our grass now, which we like to see as it is now over waist high.

The horses are both 15 years old, one (white one) is an Arabian/Quarterhorse cross gelding. The Mare is a Quarterhorse. We tried to pass on the trailer.. since it is so funky, but the guy essentially threw it in. I'll throw another photo on of our newly mowed grass, since we buckled down last week and each spent an hour for three days just to get about 50% of the yard mowed. We need to consider a riding lawn mower.. oh yeah I just got two!

Other news of the week.. We went rafting on the white water section of the snake last week, which was fun, even if not a long thrilling ride. And I had a court hearing with my ex. He agreed to let me take the girls to the Virgin Islands, but is fighting to require Sara to change schools. This garbage never ends.

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  1. Horses are great but, unlike cats, they don't know how to use a litter box. Have fun! :-)