Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Well we rode the horses!

We had to get the horses shod before we could ride and couldn't get that until yesterday, so while Jackie Zev (aka Jackie Schuster) was visiting we found an opportune time to get out. She and I went for an early morning ride and then after breakfast her kids rode a bit around the yard, first time on a horse not in attached to a pony pole. Then Jackie and her husband Marc went out for a ride. The horses did beautifully, we were really pleased. Beautifully that is aside from the one interesting incident when Jackie wanted to take an extra jaunt around the block and lope a bit. Sonny, whom I was riding did not like being separated from Jane, even for that brief few minutes and started SCREAMING and screamed and screamed until she got back. Jackie also had an interesting ride on a particularly prancy horse... My girls did not ride because they were off to horse camp this morning.

In the mean time Lila (my office manager) has given the girls chores to do at her house in exchange for lessons with the horses, that are mostly (at least until this point) ground work so the girls have things they can do when we are not around. They love the arrangement so it works good for all.

Jackie and Marc are visiting during their summer trip across the West and to Yellowstone, etc. Last weekend we were able to join them in Yellowstone. We appreciated the opportunity to go to Yellowstone and camp and of course are thrilled to visit with them. They saw lots of wildlife including a grizzly. Maybe next time for us.

This afternon we are taking the Zevs white water rafting, another activity weare happy to be able to provide them and another chance to get out on the river. Mike might even do a bit of fishing today :-)

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