Monday, July 18, 2005

Rafting, riding, and work.

I mentioned our rafting last blog. The day turned out perfect weather and perfect water. The rapids were better than when the river was higher. Mike took Jackie, Marc, Jonathan and Benjamin down. They dumped at the big kahuna rapid and rode through the next rapid in the river. I picked up the girls and then we met them at the take out to hear their adventure. Benjamin (8) did not want to go again.. So he and Marc went home. Mike went fishing (excellent) and I took Kelsey, Sara, Jackie and Jonathan for another trip down the river. Jackie tried to demonstrate the first trip to us and fell out again on the same spot as before, but we managed to save the boat upright and pull Jackie back in before the next rapid. Well they left the next morning for LA with storied to tell!

Jackie, Marc
Benjamin, & Jonathan Zev

Mike has been working on the house. The downstairs is almost finished. The Zevs stayed in the new family room with a working bathroom (even if it didn't have a door!), but progress is being made and we hope to start the additions soon. Mike has also been taking some time for fun and went out fishing both Thursday and Friday last week while the kids were at Riding camp. The fishing has been great. Better than I ever heard from him. The kids also enjoyed the riding camp last week. They got to do "poles" (whatever that is), barrel riding, cantering, and trail riding. And the best part for them was that they got to take our horses Wed, Thurs, and Friday, riding to the lessons and back. Wednesday we were a bit unsure and so we trailered the horses over. I wasn't paying attention, and the girls were being slow getting the lead ropes, and Mike was just working on getting the horses out.. anyway the back got opened up before the horses were detatched and Sonny tried to back out. When he couldn't get out he FREAKED, which is exactly what we were told would happen if we did this... Oh well, we will try not to make that mistake again. We also were a bit concerned about them loading in the trailer again. But we decided to give it a try on Sunday. We went to a canyon near us and Mike fished and the girls did some trail riding and I worked. It was a beautiful day and the horses loaded without incident, and even though I was a bit nervous sending the girls out on their own into the woods, they did great.

So now that the Zevs are gone I am on the home stretch for our Carribean trip. Wednesday (after I got back to work after my play day) I was told that my main client expected the drawings for his building to be done by August 1 (in other words before I leave on vacation). This is laughable! Anyhow, I agreed to crunch as hard as I can in this two weeks and see what we can accomplish. It won't be done, but I'll do what I can. Maybe this means getting organized so someone else can work on it while I'm gone. The office doesn't do real well at teaming up on projects.. This has advantages and disdvantages. This time it's a disadvantage. So rather than writing this blog I should get working. Now we are 8 days from leaving for vacation, and I still have three more sewing projects. Don't think I'll need to write another blog cause you know what I'll be doing!

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