Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Snow King Hill Climb & Horses

Hard to believe I need to post a new entry already, but two things worth mentioning happened this week.

1) I worked the Snow mobile hill climb for the Ski Patrol at Snow King on Sunday. This is a crazy event where snowmobiles are run up the mountain, remember Snow King is the steepest mountain in the country. In general they go up until they can't go any more, then they jump off and try not to let the snowmobile tumble down the hill. Maybe 20% make it to the top. It's a busy weekend for the ski patrol, mostly helping drunk people down off the mountain, and yes, I had to help take one guy that was too drunk to stand up down in the toboggan.

2) Yesterday we got a new horse , Lady. She has been an outbackers horse for a number of years and now at 22 they think she is too old. So they were giving her away. Lila (my office Manager) knew that our horse Jane has lots of problems, health and things that make her a "difficult keeper". So she suggested us to look for a replacement or Jane. So we got this horse , Lady, and now will have to find a home for Jane. I'm sure we will have to give her away, because of said problems, but that is ok, since we got a horse for free and we think we traded up. Luckily the girls were here this week while this was going on so they could help with the decision. Kelsey is kind of unhappy about giving up Jane, but she understands that this is a good trade.

3)Also of note I guess is that last Friday was my last day at Hawtin Jorgensen. Now I am a consultant on contract. This week has been a kind of slow start because the girls are here, but it's going fine.

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