Tuesday, March 14, 2006


My deal this morning... I went to the dentist to get my cavities filled. She ended up saying she could do all 4 at one time, that sounded good, rather than coming back, so when I left my whole face was numb.. finally getting better now. Anyway, that was $120 (Even though I had thought my insurance would cover it, they covered some $400 of it!). Then I went to the county building to get my car registered, they sent my to the sheriffs office in the court house to get a VIN inspection.. $5.. cash only. Then since I was in the court house I decided to pay my tickets. I paid the speeding one ($180), but they told me the registration one would be knocked in half if I got the registration first. Since I was halfway through that process I decided that was good advice. So I went back to the county building and had to get a new title issued ($9... Cash only), which she almost wouldn't do because I bought the car as Phyllis Grubb.. but luckily I found an old credit card with that name so she believed me and LUCKILY Mike Grubb didn't have to be with me since his name is on my original title.. Then I had to go over to the registration place, where she typed all that in and charged me $120 for registration... Yeichs! (That is when Arne interrupted the story to remind me that we don't have state income tax). Of course this money she wanted in cash! Oh she would take a credit card, but it would cost me $10 more, or I could use the ATM and be charged only $2.00 more. I left and went to the bank. Back to the county building paid for the registration, back to the court house to pay for the registration ticket. But when I got there I found out that it was issued for Lincoln county and I'd have to take that one to Afton, and who knows about the fee being reduced from $60. At this time, although my face was looking better, I decided not to get my drivers license renewed as originally planned on this trip, because I found out instead of being in one of these buildings I was currently visiting, I'd have to drive to the department of transportation building, 8 miles South of town. I'd probably get a ticket going there!

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  1. Jim Hale4:14 PM

    Sounds like the Dentist was not so bad after all: a one time pain versus and ongoing administrative one!